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VA Research:  Open Studies Seeking Participants

  • Where?  These studies are based in Gainesville, Florida​, unless otherwise noted.

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Study title:  Control Walking Study
A couple walking in a forest

Study ID:IRB201803010  
Date Approved: 9/5/2023

The purpose of the CONTROL Walking Study is to understand ways to improve walking ability in older adults. We will test whether mild electrical stimulation of the brain improves your ability to learn a complex walking task. We may also take pictures of your brain to understand how it changes when you learn a new walking task.

The study involves:

  • Up to 10 study visits

  • Walking and memory tests

  • Mild electrical brain stimulation

  • Brain imaging with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for eligible participants

You may qualify if you:

  • Are age 65 or older

  • Do not have a serious medical condition affecting walking

For more information:

Email:       Phone: (352) 376-1611 ext. 107735


Purpose  To understand whether a traumatic brain injury (TBI) earlier in life (at least 15 years ago) can affect current abilities. For comparison, we are also recruiting people who have never had a TBI. There will be a single visit to our research site in addition to study assessments that can be completed by you at home via online and telephone surveys. 

What the Study Involves
• Questionnaires and surveys about your health

• Tests of cognitive function, balance, and eye-muscle coordination
• Imaging of bone and muscle

You May Qualify to Take Part If You . . .
• Are 50-65 years of age

• Had one or more TBIs 15 or more years ago  OR  Never had a TBI

• Have no serious medical condition

• Have no other illness or injury to your central nervous system.


More Information     Email:     Phone: (352) 376-1611 ext. 107735


Study title:  Brain Balance Study

Control Walking Study Healthy older adults are needed to study changes in walking as persons age. Click here for an overview of the study.


Brain Balance Study Healthy persons are needed for comparison with persons who have traumatic brain injury.  Click here for an overview of the study.

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