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Kudos:  Praise for accomplishment

Everything we accomplish as a person and as a member of a research team is not only on the shoulders of those who came before us but also shoulder to shoulder with others.

Sometimes, a person we work with directly or indirectly can go above or beyond, for example, by being especially creative in solving a particular problem or day in and day making things run smoothly.  This is the place to recognize that person, whether a principal investigator, a study coordinator, a sponsor representative, a colleague in your service, a clerk who cleans equipment.   Essentially anyone you interact with who has made the world a better place – no matter how humble – deserves recognition. 


If you would like to thank someone or a group of people, submit a Kudos.

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Kudos Archive

2021 Award for Excellence  <>  Paige Webb, NFFRE's Operations Manager until 2023, earned the Best Practice and Innovation Award from the National Association of Veterans’ Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF).  NAVREF awardees are nominated by their peers for demonstrating excellence in support of research and education for Veterans. Paige earned the award for myriad contributions. She significantly reduced the time it takes for studies to begin with an improved system for meeting privacy and information security requirements.  She also made the NFFRE website a valuable repository of helpful resources for researchers. Her dependability, efficiency, and incredible attention to detail make Paige a valuable employee often sought out by researchers needing her assistance. Thank you, Paige!

2019 NAVREF Awardee  <>  NFFRE Executive Director, Teresa “Angie” Smith, MPH, took home the Board of Directors Distinguished Service Award from the 2019 Annual Meeting of the National Association of Veterans’ Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF).  She received this recognition for the turnaround success story she engineered at NFFRE .


 Paige Webb

Teresa "Angie" Smith

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