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Give Kudos to
a Person or a Group
for Doing Good
Kudos:  Praise for accomplishment

Everything we accomplish as a person and as a member of a research team is not only on the shoulders of those who came before us but also shoulder to shoulder with others.

Sometimes, a person we work with directly or indirectly can go above or beyond, for example, by being especially creative in solving a particular problem or day in and day making things run smoothly.  This is the place to recognize that person, whether a principal investigator, a study coordinator, a sponsor representative, a colleague in your service, a clerk who cleans equipment.   Essentially anyone you interact with who has made the world a better place – no matter how humble – deserves recognition. 


If you would like to thank someone or a group of people, submit a Kudos.

An email will be sent automatically to the recipient with the Kudos description.

Thanks for recognizing good work.

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