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X-Ray Results


The Department of Veterans Affairs strongly supports research to advance the health care of Veterans and provides direct funding for research. Within the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SG VHS), other sources of funding for VA research are available through NFFRE, a VA-affiliated nonprofit organization (About Us).

NFFRE is the gateway to research funding from sources such as:

  • Grants from other federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health

  • Industry sponsors

  • Other non-profit organizations

  • Direct donations to NFFRE  

The additional funding obtained through NFFRE expands the capacity of VA research to continuously advance care for Veterans.

NFFRE provides VA researchers with assistance on all aspects of research, including pre-study development, regulatory requirements, and study management.  Research projects conducted through NFFRE span all fields of medicine, other fields of health care such as physical therapy, and related biomedical fields such as engineering, where research focuses on areas such as imaging and prosthetics. 

Located within the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SG VHS):  As the nation’s leading VA health care system, the NF/SG VHS employs more than 5,800 medical professionals and support staff dedicated to providing high quality care to Veterans residing throughout North Florida and South Georgia. The organization consists of 14 facilities including a medical center in both Gainesville and in Lake City, a domiciliary, and clinics located throughout a 50-county catchment area.  More about the NF/SG VHS is available at its website.

Affiliated with the University of Florida:  Many NF/SG VHS researchers have joint appointments with the the university affiliate of the NF/SG VHS, the University of Florida. In addition, the NF/SG VHS also maintains a strong affiliation and research partnership with the University of Florida (UF) health system, which embraces research as an integral part of its mission to promote health.  The UF health system comprises the colleges of Dentistry, Engineering, Health and Human Performance, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Health Professions, Veterinary Medicine, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.


In addition to supporting research, NFFRE also provide support for conferences and education programs for investigators, health care providers, Veterans, and caregivers.  We will be adding more information about this service soon.

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