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VA Research Resources

Below are links to documents and to other web pages, such as pages at the website of the VA Office of Research & Development (ORD), that will be useful to those conducting VA research.

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 Looking for NFFRE policies and forms 

 for non-VA funding such as NIH? Click here

Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center (white building in foreground) is closely affiliated with the University of Florida health-related colleges and hospitals (red brick buildings).

 Research Service Administration 

Admin Team Contact Information (PDF)

AO/ACOS Manual (PDF)

 VA Award/Recognition Opportunities 

 Telework and Remote Access 

​Application and Access Instructions (PDF)

 Preclinical/Animal Research 

 Recruiting Research Subjects 

 Technology Transfer and Translation 

   IRBNet (VAIRRS) Tutorials for Researchers    

  • New User Registration:     PDF     Video
  • User Profile and Training
    • Profile management:  PDF    Video
    • Training/credentials-Notes:  PDF
    • CITI link:  PDF
  • Accessing Projects
  • Creating a New Project Package
    • Step 1 - CREATE:  PDF   Video
    • Step 2 - DESIGN:   PDF   Video
    • Step 3 -  SHARE:   PDF   Video
    • Step 4 - SIGN:        PDF   Video​​
    • Step 5 - SUBMIT:    PDF   Video​​​
  • Locked and Unlocked Packages

    • Administrative Modifications-Notes:  PDF

    • Unlocked Packages:  PDF    Video

Conflict of Interest:  Submission Instructions (PDF)

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