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Purpose Healthy.

What the Study Involves: 

  • Healthy .

You May Qualify to Take Part If You…:

  • Healthy

More Information 

It is very unusual for studies to recruit persons who have dementia because in most cases they are not considered able to make decisions like consenting to be in a study.  Other types of studies about dementia, however, are being done, such as this study on whether traumatic brain injury is associated with dementia.

 All welcome!

Patients, VA Staff, Visitors
Gator Faculty and Students

Come and explore the cutting edge of VA health care.

Malcom Randall VA Medical Center Auditorium  <> Friday, Nov 3 <> 8:30 am to 1 pm

Speakers  <>  Posters  <
>  Meet & Greet          Click here for Schedule 

To honor VA research investigators who, over decades,
have improved the health of Veterans and, thus, also the health of us all.

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