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Expanding VA Research and Education to Advance Veteran Health Care

NFFRE is a VA-affiliated non-profit organization.

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VA Research Currents

A new “burden-free” study in which study procedures were done as part of routine clinical care showed that two blood pressure meds, chlorthalidone (CTD) and hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), were equally effective and safe.  Both drugs decrease blood pressure by decreasing excess fluid in the body. When two medications are approved for use, it can be very helpful to compare them, for example as in this case, to see if one causes more side effects.  The method of building a research study into standard care is described as burden-free because it does not require Veterans to undergo additional visits or interventions and does not require any additional staff.  A win-win.

The study was conducted at 537 VA medical centers and community clinics and involved 13,500 Veterans with high blood pressure and more than 4,000 VA clinicians.  Read more about the study at VA Research Currents website.

Our Clinical Trial Center is equipped with:

  • Dedicated clinical research and laboratory spaces

  • An experienced regulatory team

For Sponsors

NFFRE was created to provide flexible funding opportunities for research and education initiatives in the North Florida/South Georgia  Veterans Health System. Our goal is to support research that will advance the health care of Veterans.

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