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Facilitating Veteran-focused Research and Education

The NFFRE Mission is to advance the efforts of the Department of Veterans' Affairs by facilitating research and education initiatives at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans' Health System in order to benefit the veterans of America.

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Learn about how the VA is working to create a centralized approach for two specific aspects of clinical research: information technology (IT) review and non-disclosure agreements.

2019 NAVREF Annual Awardees

NFFRE Executive Director, Mrs. Teresa “Angie” Smith, took home the NAVREF Board of Directors Distinguished Service Award for the turnaround success story she engineered at NFFRE.

Staff Spotlight

Tara Dow

     NFFRE would like to recognize Tara Dow as the recipient of the October Staff Spotlight! Tara started working with NFFRE in October 2018 as she finished her last semesters of undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. She started as a research assistant tasked with organizing regulatory documents, screening, and entering patient data and has since become a lead study coordinator. She has been doing an excellent job recruiting and managing all tasks associated with conducting research and is always eager to learn and improve her skills.

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